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‘We have had the pleasure of welcoming Tiny to many of our events. She never ceases to amaze, the look on everyone’s faces as they come face to face with a ‘real’ dinosaur is fantastic…the involvement for the children as they become ‘palaeontologists’ is just brilliant!  Los Kaos are extremely professional and a real pleasure to work with, I cannot recommend them and their acts highly enough.  I look forward to working with Los Kaos in 2014 and beyond.’

Emma King, Event Organiser and Town Centre Manager

‘I am in love with this bear!’

Kylie Minogue

‘Serendipity? Magic? We just feel immensely lucky to have been walking along the edge of the Market Place in Derby last night when Bjorn appeared. We followed, entranced, and delighted in the beginning of the performance before dragging ourselves away to the event we’d actually booked to see…Thanks for a magical moment.’

Marion & Pete McCartney, Skipton

‘This was something completely different that we tried this year, on a scale that we have never attempted, and a crucial part of this was the polar bear. Thankfully, the polar bear was everything we expected and more. Everyone who we have spoken to has told us how amazing the polar bear was and the looks upon the children’s faces were truly special! We would like to thank your people for their professionalism and patience – what lovely people they are! Everything went completely to plan and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.’

Fiona Gunner, event organiser

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you to your guys for last Friday.  They were absolutely brilliant and lovely to work with.’

Nicky Plant, event organiser

‘Working with Los Kaos on our Christmas event was a real pleasure. Right from the off they were incredibly helpful, organised and professional supplying me with all the pre-event information I needed. Their performance on the day was incredible. The set-up was very discreet which maintained the sense of anticipation and Bjorn the Polar Bear was a real crowd pleaser. One of the things that made Bjorn’s appearance so successful was the fantastic interaction between him and his handler. It was a difficult crowd being a mix of adults and children but Jane managed things brilliantly with her informative and entertaining delivery of information about Bjorn and polar bears in general. The post event feedback has been fantastic. Thank you.’

Victoria Pickles, Events Manager at Chiswick Park EnjoyWork

‘You are the most professional small company we’ve worked with’

Annie Michaud, Talent Manager, Cirque de Soleil

‘I would just like to say what a fantastic day we have had today at The Ryemarket, Bjorn the polar bear was brilliant, he wowed and delighted the crowds and gave the centre a fantastic festive feel. I would thoroughly recommend this act as it is not only highly professional and friendly but really got the crowd to buy into the magic. And it’s also educational. Brilliant!’

The Ryemarket shopping centre

The following is an excerpt from a review of the polar bear’s performance at Newcastle’s Great North Museum in the

‘“…A pupil at Shotton Hall Academy in Peterlee said: “I was extremely surprised, because I didn’t think it would be that realistic. It felt like it had real fur – even its nose was wet. The way it acted as well – the way it was moving and interacting with people. It was an experience I don’t think we’ll forget.”

His younger brother Finlay, six, from Howletch Primary School, said: “I was almost scared.”

And their grandfather Lawrie Slater, 67, said their initial expectations were hugely surpassed by the lifelike creation that drew massive crowds at the museum yesterday. He said: “Sometimes the build-up to these things is so fantastic and then you get really disappointed by reality. It was the opposite with this.”

Ursula said: “The kids have all been wonderfully well-behaved. This is not something that happens every day – it’s a bit of a magical experience – so they’re just generally gleeful.” Museum manager Dr Sarah Glynn said: “When Bjorn enters the room you can hear the gasps of amazement from people as he is such an authentic representation of a polar bear. Seeing him is a goose-pimple-inducing experience.”’

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