Incredible Creatures and companion

Say hello to Maisy, one of our lovely Incredible Creatures.

The Incredible Creatures are fantastical animals brought to life by a combination of puppetry and animatronics, with moving facial features (blinking eyes, wiggling ears and sniffing noses) and live sound effects. The creatures are four-legged and stand at between 8ft and 9ft high.

The Incredible Creatures perform 2 x half hour walkabout shows, travelling approx. 200m total (from changing area and back again). Extremely well animated and full of character they are playful and highly interactive; audiences can get up close and give them a pat, or even try teaching them some tricks! Each creature is accompanied by a companion who facilitates interactions and memorable experiences.

The Incredible Creatures are a magical, interactive and unforgettable performance piece which never fails to enchant audiences of all ages.

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