About Us

Los Kaos formed in 1998, a group of performers working the underground club scene in London and the South East; experimenting with costume, character and movement, playing with fire and pushing at the soft divide between reality and the imagination.

In 2000 Los Kaos collaborated with traditional puppet maker Mel Myland to make the Mythical Creatures, inspired by lead puppeteer Kim Kaos’ obsession with pushing the boundaries of physical performance and the ground-breaking fantasy world realised entirely with puppetry in Henson’s masterpiece the Dark Crystal. The Mythical Creatures established Los Kaos’ reputation as creators of unparalleled visual illusions: startlingly life-like creatures animated by old-school technology and highly skilled puppeteers.

But the heart of what we do is and always has been interactivity. We want every show to be a journey into the unknown, a world dreamed up as it happens by the performers and the audience together. We make our creations not just to be looked at but to be touched, played with and talked to.

We make theatre that bites back.

Our Director

Kim Kaos

As a teenager, Kim Kaos taught himself to walk on stilts along the washing line in his back garden. He never looked back (if he did it made him dizzy and he fell over). Originally performance was a side-line to fund him through university, but once he graduated he realised he’d already found what he wanted to do with his life.

If you’re looking for him, he’ll be in the workshop. He’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.