Meet The Dinosaur

Science meets the imagination in Meet the Dinosaur, a fern-filled live dinosaur show for people of all ages. A hit with science centres and shopping centres alike, Meet the Dinosaur combines the real science of palaeontology with lively interactive performance and stunningly realistic animatronic puppetry to bring you a dinosaur encounter like no other.

Technically self-contained and designed for public spaces, Meet the Dinosaur can be performed anywhere with enough room for the show, a power supply and an appropriate changing area.

You can see pictures of the show in our gallery, or get a quote for booking the Meet the Dinosaur show. If you have any questions, please contact us.

‘Thanks to you and your guys for being part of our Safari the other day. We have had 100% fantastic feedback about the event. The parents particularly enjoyed the educational engagement with the kids and also the wonder and amazement of the smaller children. Many thought the animals were real and one parent contacted to say her child was now convinced that dinosaurs were no longer extinct!’

– Nick Keeble, Event Manager