Incredible Creatures

Accompanied by a charismatic human handler, who discovered the Creature, Maisy, rummaging through the bins behind the bus stop and instantly recognised her wonder and brilliance. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal to the majestic 8ft fantastical beast and ask any burning questions, such as: Where does she live? Why is she here? What does an Incredible Creature eat? And, do they have a category in Crufts?

Brought to life by our unique blend of full body animatronic puppetry and live sound effects, The Incredible Creatures perform 2 x half hour walkabout shows, allowing audiences to truly interact with theses magical characters for an experience like no other.

Remember, she’ll be as curious about you as you are of her, so expect her to be inquisitive, highly playful and interactive – luckily her human companion will be on hand to stop her from eating anything she shouldn’t. Make sure you step forward for a gentle pat – her companion is convinced magical creatures are good luck- and maybe a photo, if your fast. But you will certainly leave with a magical memory of the day you met a real Incredible Creature.

Suggested Themes and Occasions:

Fantasy, Storybook, Magical Lands, Harry Potter, Dark Crystal, Children’s Literary Events, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, Sci- Fi, red carpet, opening nights, walkabouts, Halloween and Winter Wonderland.

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