Bjorn Arctic Cirque Show


Arctic Cirque Show

In association with Scarlett Entertainment we present a fantastic new show; Join Bjorn on a magical journey to the North Pole with a fabulous family stage show packed full with amazing circus performers and world-class entertainers! – see more


Become immersed in a captivating story where a little girl becomes lost in a blizzard. As she falls asleep, too tired and cold to go on, she then awakes in a dream world where she meets an array of amazing costume characters. A beautiful but fierce Ice Queen will captivate with haunting songs, elegant ice fairies will enchant with ballet dancing, talented crystal acrobats will astound with hand to hand balance, two hilarious arctic clowns will cause lots of laughter, and a brave arctic explorer accompanied by a breathtaking animatronic life-size snowy-white polar bear will utterly amaze!

Enacted and brought to life by professional circus artists, each character will immediately form an emotional connection to the audience, making for an unforgettable winter themed show that will stay long in the minds of those watching – see more

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